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Having warta is really disturbing as it will spread to other parts in your body when you cannot handle it properly. It is sometimes embarrassing when we can cover it up. This skin illness comes from HPV or people call it as Human Papilomavirus. Once you get the virus, your skin will be infected and those tiny warts appear on your skin. There are many ways to get rid of warts. There are many ways too to indentify whether it is from virus or not. The doctor will see it from the microscope and find the best treatments for that. We all know that dealing with skin needs to be more careful as it will impact our appearance especially when we have too many warts in our body so we need to take the best way to treat and cure it. The ways come from medicine, peeling up to laser. It depends on how many your warts and how rough the surface of your warts. Sometime we just don’t need to predict and tell like we know anything about our skin because we just need to go to dermatologist and ask some helps to identify and ask what to do to cure those warts quickly.

The best treatment for warts

The very first step on treating a wart is to see the doctor or dermatologist to find the best way for treatment. You don’t need to peel it by yourself or you will have more warts in your body. The treatment is usually hurt but it will be only once and your warts will be gone as you follow the instruction of the doctor. The treatments depend on the health of patients and type of wart itself. The very first and common wart treatment is using cantharidin where the doctor will paint the infected skin with cantharidin and will make you recover within a week. Another way is using cyrotherapy or people call it with freezing. It is for adult children. That kind of treatment has been common and it does not cause much pain during and after treatment so it will need repeat for treatments. Another common treatment is using burning or curettage. Once your warts are burnt, the doctor may scrap the warts using knife or special spoon for it.

Home remedies

For some people who are just sick of their worse warts, natural remedies are just nonsense thing as it will have slow effect toward their wart but when you have the right time for going to the doctor, you can try to make it better with natural remedies. It is indeed clueless but it will make your warts better. You can try like to use vitamin c tablets and grind it then apply to the warts using the tape. The high acid on vitamin c will fight or kill the virus itself. Another home remedies you can apply is using onion and you rub it with it because it has good immune and it can help to fight the virus of HPV that causes warts in your body. It is still the best when you can contact the doctor to get more advanced treatment when you have no idea after you use common and home remedies for your worse warts.

More advanced treatment of warts

If those common treatments do not work, dermatologist will use more advanced treatment like laser, chemical peeling, bleomycin, and immunotherapy. Let’s just discuss one by one. The laser option can be more advanced treatment of warts after some therapies do not work well and the warts are too many in your skin. The very first step on using laser for wart treatment is making them numb using shots before lasering. Then chemical peeling may be more bothersome, you will be given stronger medicine like glycolic acid and tretinoin. You will apply those medicines before you peel the warts. Bleomycin is one of cancer shots that will give more pain when it is applied. The last is immunotherapy that is using DCP or diphencyprone that will fight with wart viruses after some therapies do not work at all. Wart treatments are indeed some hurts but it will affect better than you try to treat by yourself and there will be no improvement but worse condition as you have no good and right suggestion from the dermatologist, a right person for your warts solution.

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