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Warts, whether large or small, can be quite unsightly, and people are always looking to get rid of them. They can develop on any part of the body, and they can vary in color and overall appearance. Many people seek out products from stores to try and remove their warts. While these treatments can often be somewhat effective, the results can take quite a long time. Therefore, people often explore other more immediate options for wart removal. The over-the-counter wart removal creams can also create discomfort for certain people at times.

OTC Wart Treatments

It has been stated that over-the-counter wart removal creams can take quite some time to completely remove a wart. Some larger warts and even the smaller ones can be quite stubborn. While advertisements want you to believe they work quickly, the creams can literally take weeks of continued use in order to remove a wart, and in some cases they might not even work completely.

OTC Wart Removers

In that case, many people, seeking out a faster treatment, often just report to a physician. A doctor can remove the wart using simple outpatient laser surgery and other options as well. Some people think that smaller warts are often easier to remove; however, these warts, especially what are known as plantar warts, are actually some of the hardest to remove. Of course, a dermatologist can easily remove them if you pay a visit. The plantar warts are very tender, and they consist of many layers. Again, while they seem small, a dermatologist is your best option.

The origin of Warts

You have to understand and remember that warts are caused by viruses. How do you get these viruses? They will enter through your skin when there is a cut or simple break in the skin. Warts also like to occur in the same area after being removed. This goes for both home remedy removal and having them surgically removed. People should always of course focus on keeping their skin nice and clean, and you don’t want to touch any warts on other people. You also don’t want to use a towel or washcloth or wear clothes that have come into contact with another person who has warts. Wearing the clothing would be okay if it has been washed.

Warts can be in the most inconvenient locations, such as ones that are located close to a mucous membrane. Warts can be very tender and even painful, and if a wart is giving you problems, you should schedule an appointment with your dermatologist right away.

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